The Sig

So, I don’t have a picture of the Sig… At least not on my computer… Maybe I should “Google Image” him. But anyway, I promised him I would not only podcast. but that I would podcast about him. Everyone I know who knows the Sig likes him; I have often wished I were that type of guy, but I am glad there aren’t millions like himk because then he wouldn’t be so unique…

The other main thing you should know about Sean Sigillito is that I always tell the same story about him and that story should not become history (in the form of the internet – created by Al Gore – for just such a time as this). I wanted to schedule a girl’s night out for our junior high girls because, well, girls like to hang out… So, being a circular, reciprocating youth pastor I also scheduled a guy’s night out. We boxed (among other things), and Sig was the unlikely hero of the boxing night (I suppose you could say that we are “that church” that allows it’s kids to box). Sig was the hero becuase at the time he was only in the 6th grade and a little smushy around the mid-section, but during the boxing he absolutely pounded one of the most cocky 8th graders in our church, we will call him Chester. Chester plays one or two sports very well, has had many girlfriends, and has asn awkwardly low voice for an 8th grader (he isn’t especially tall or large either).

Anyway, we didn’t allow the kids to hit in the face or below the belt (we aren’t “that church”… well, yeah, we are, but we still didn’t let them hit there). And I wasn’t so sure about the matchup between Chester and Sig, but once the gloves were on Sig went straight to work. His style is to cradle one arm in a defensive stance, and to upercut all day wit hthe otehr one. Furthermore, Sig used his substantial mass (at the time) to block Chester from moving around and utilizing his greater speed. Sig proceeded not just to pound Chester out of the ring, but into submission also… it was one of my favorite moments in my 10ish years in Youth Ministry…

Thanks Sig.

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