It is hard for me when a philosophy is presented that is not a philosophy. These recent elections (I’m of course writing from Missouri) had an interesting result that seemed more about ‘change’ than any particular political platform; unless of course rejecting a platform is a platform!

Examples of my earlier point: loyalty, sincerity, and ‘change’ are not, in and of themselves good or bad, they just are… I heard someone say yesterday (he happens to drive a jaguar and his silver hair – so, stereotype and judge all you want), “Well, Claire McCaskill won’t be able to find her way to Washington, so it isn’t a big deal…” His comment made me sad. I did not vote for McCaskill, but I do support many policies that she claims to hold. More importantly, I want her to do well because she is in office. This is not a war anyone lost (hopefully!) it is politics…

My fear is that we were so busy screaming for change we weren’t paying attention to the issues, our own hand in shaping them, etc. Instead, we were busy reacting to things we don’t like. I think of Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black answering Will Smith’s question, “Why not tell people, they’re smart, the could handle it?” “A person is smart; people are dumb stupid animals and you know it…”

I myself wonder if I voted as a person or as a group of people. I also wonder what the recent changes in our nation will bring.

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