Prunes Anyone???

How in the world could I not post this picture???

I have a question that has nothing to do with my messy baby, or the fact that mom gives her prunes periodically to… well… Um, if you don’t know what prunes do, check on Wikipedia or something…

Why is it that everyone, when you ask for more time for friendship, a good cause, or whatever all of a sudden is shockingly broke, busy, and exhausted? Is it a priority thing? Is it true? Is it partly true?


I know the second one is my favorite excuse, and I usually use my wife and baby as excuses… When the tired one hits I usually fall back on, “Am I really tired or are my prioroities mixed up?” (because I am thinking that I am tried because i didn’t do something (like read, watch a movie, some work, hang out with my baby, wash my car) for a series of reasons…) Oh yes, I will use double Parentheses if I need to!


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