Two Plus Two Equals Evolution

So, a friend of mine has a really smart child. I mean, he’s just over two and speaks in sentences, he get’s context, it’s crazy. Anyway, the other day they are at the dinner table and my friend and his wife are asking the boy (we’ll call him Charlie, because that is his name) questions to keep him entertained while they finish their dinner.

His dad, Robbie, (running out of questions) asks him, “Hey Charlie, what’s 3 times 6?” Charlie says, “Eighteen.” Robbie and his wife look at each in astonishment, then Robbie thinks for a second, and asks Charlie, “Hey Charlie, what’s 4 times 6?” Charlie answers, “Eighteen!”

While I’m certain that that is a good illustration of something I haven’t yet dtermined what it is. So, I just keep tellingthe story because I like it.

And I blog because I like blogging.

And I post pictures of my daughter because she is awesome.

There are some pictures that don’t exist electronically that you will just love…

So, my question is: Why do we need answers so badly? I can think of so many things about God that are hard to reconcile (trinity, suffering, 2 bizillion denomination – course that isn’t really about God is it) and I wonder why it is so complex. I heard a professor talking about the date of Genesis One, and he dodged it by asking us if we thought the author of Genesis was attempting to answer that question…

I myself, having heard that before, was not so much moved. But, I wonder if the same things that bother so many people (or at least they say they do – as I get older it REALLY just seems like everyone is wounded and they have other things they talk about) are some of the very things God left vague to keep us in awe; to keep us constantly trying to reconcile some of the coolest things about ourselves, him, and this very strange world. Probably too many infinitives and prepositions in that sentence…

What a picture though right!

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