Fear and Vacations

So, here is my daughter after her first cupcake…

I remember the day I wrote my last blog very clearly, even though we are one day shy of a month removed.

Life is tricky and weird and goofy, and some days I want no part of it. By ‘it’, I simply mean the difficulty of being near so many people and them being near me. I suppose many have the opposite problem with life: not enough people, connection, or whatever in their life… Ahhhhh the human condition in all it’s dualistic splendor!

Sunday (the 18th) is Caroline’s Brithday, but we celebrated today (Saturday) because of our vacation schedule – and because Sundays are terrible for the naps.

As you can see, she enjoyed demolishing her cupcake (You should’ve seen the cupcakes… mom out-did herself). The latest numbers have it that 40-68% of said cupcake was in fact consumed by Caroline. The rest was scattered to the wind, the bath she entered directly following the cupcake, her carefully-smocked dress, and to Ron (our dog).

If you have a Spring Break enjoy it, if you don’t make sure you do nothing for some ofthe weekend – that pesky 4th commandment and all…

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