Where is your tent???

My wife and daughter are with the in laws because I had a retreat with 4,5,6th graders this past weekend, and now they are getting some things done while I study for Finals. It is relaxing, but never as much as I think. Partly because I miss them, but also because I still buy into what Brueggemann calls, “techno-therapeutic, militaristic consumerism” which is his description of our society…

But, I’m working on it.

2nd Blog – Looks like the same one because I don’t have another picture that I’m dying to put up…

I have so many friends who are hurting. Two family members who are in great physical pain… So many friends who seem to be near-drowning emotionally.

A couple of years ago I would have been more interested in fixing them, now it just makes me sad. I’m just amazed by the lack of wholeness in the world and the apparent seamlessness within the Christian Community. It does not seem to me that “we” are more or less whole… It seems that we cannot grasp, or drink in, or embrace, or understand or realize the words of healing and truth of Christ…

Is wholeness possible?

I’m not even writing this bummed out, I just wish I knew how to go into my tent (mine isn’t pink) and sit there and rest… I do desire and need and will continue praying for healing for my many friends who are drowning physically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually…

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