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It seem I have a lot of friends who are drowning. One called tonight… I still haven’t checked my messages.

Caroline (my daughter) and I were having a rough time with her sleep routine. The problem, as I see it, was that she loves for me to read her books (she loves for everyone to read her books, but as her dad I get to do it a lot). So, I asked Rachel what she does and she says when Caroline fights drinking her Organic Whole Milk – Rachel sings to her for a few minutes (usually “I love you Lord”) and Caroline will then drink her milk.

I tried it. After Knuffle Bunny (A Cautionary Tale by Mo Willems) and The Going to Bed Book (Sandra Boynton) I offered the milk. It was refused. I held Caroline close to me and sang her MLK by U2. It was pretty interesting. She fights a little, but she hugged a little too, and she rubbed her eyes (THE sign of tiredness). Then she drank her milk and went to sleep.

I have probably done this 5-6 times since Rachel coached me back to a solid bed-time delivery, and every time I want to blog about it. I want to talk about Safety, parents and their accompanying issues, my baby girl and how I am the king of cheesiness in what I sing to her… But, sometimes I get on line and read other people’s blogs about George Bush, the sunrise or if they want to buy a fiat… Some of them seem like very important things that we ought all to be talking about. Some seem interesting, but hard to relate to.

I think I am still chewing on hearing Donald Miller speak about six months ago. I wrote down a bunch of my fears and goals for this year. The summer is big for both of them… I am also still chewing on Tony Campolo saying that in a series of interviews with people who lived to be over 100 they almost invariably said they wish they risked a bit more and reflected a bit more… And something else. I blogged about it a couple of years ago… I like reflecting on my daughter, she is squishy and innocent and fun. Today she said “Go dog Go” from a book. I will pray for my friends, the ones who seem to be drowning and the ones who don’t, I will pray for my daughter because she will not always be like this, and I will pray for my heart that I will not fear.

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