I preached this morning at church (www.riversidestl.org if you’re interested there is an MP3). My mom, sister, step-dad, and nephew were here for it. My wife was gone over the weekend till my sermon… I have a Greek Mid-Term tomorrow.

The beginning of this blog sounds like the line from “Risky Business”. “I have a Trig Mid-Term Tomorrow… I should be at home studying. Instead I’m being chased by Guido the killer pimp… I think I’m gonna throw up… I think I’m gonna throw up on you Joel.” The last part was just so everyone knows my brain is pretty funny when it comes to movie lines.

Caroline is discovering a lot about the world. The picture I failed to capture was about 1 minute before this one when the water hit her in the face. To say she was either happy or sad is adding emotion – she was surprised. She was more curious, but more thoughtful also. Hence, ‘I want to touch it, but I don’t know about how close it ought to be.’

Sometimes she mixes words together like “Happy-Tired” which is how I feel right now. It was a good weekend. I’m not super-worried about making a high A on my test tomorrow (see previous blog post), but I feel weary. I have energy, but feel drained in general…

Today I feel tired towards the aspect of life that gives you things you sense you must do well (in this case Greek III), and things you are passionate about but have trouble finding the time for (in this case the Sabbath Study I am doing). But, I will keep pushing – to pass Greek 3, continue reading and writing about rest, and to be present in all relationships. That last bit is because I like hanging out with my daughter andthe rewards go up when I just watch her, follow her around, read to her when she wants to be read to – a lot. Lately a book about “Busy Timmy”.

I still see and sense many friends and family members drowning around me. I feel mature in knowing how little I can, and how much the little I do often means.

I wish to be inspired, but offer myself the grace of sleep and the rewards that come with perseverance towards the things like Greek (obligations) and things like an independent study/book project on the Sabbath (joy). And the grace of sleep…

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