A January Post

So, I have an assignment to read about 20 different websites of missions organizations and world news sites. As I prepare to do this I was drinking a nice beverage, and then – because my back has been hurting – I sat in the massage chair Rachel got me for Christmas. Before I signed on my blog (and also before the mission sites) I looked at fountain pens on E-Bay and Paradisepen.com…

Seems a bit out of whack, and yet I believe the Gospel has as much to say towards religious people (if not more) as it does to irreligious people. Meaning: there is no rule about whether or not I can have a fountain pen (or three). But, there is this reality (regardless of my perception) that the point of money is more likely to put the world back together than it is to make me happy. I like big defintions… Remind me to tell you what I told the last teenager who asked me if God could make a rock so heavy he couldn’t lift it.

Almost two years ago we took Caroline home from the hospital (March 18th). Now, on the first page of the book I made her through my computer (thanks IPHOTO), if I say, “There’s Caroline just after she was born…” She will say, “She was very smushy” (Because that is the caption and because she is very verbal).

There are still people everywhere I know who seem to be drowning in life. My wife and I were watching In the Bedroom (because it is based upon a Short Story by my favorite author)… it is poignant about suffering and companionship.

I am leading a thingey about worldviews for seniors… They don’t know if it is relevant… They don’t know that the world will walk up to them every day and ask them in no uncertain terms where and how and why their worldview speaks to them… “What is your purpose… Why is the world such a mess… What happens when you die… Is there any hope… ” There’s one other one I can’t even remember… Probably something about identity.


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