So, Rachel and I saw Juno tonight. I enjoy movies. This was one of the few that I saw without refreshments – I am on a “I don’t know how to really diet, but I should breathe between bites…” diet, and it includes not ordering popcorn and a large cup of corn to drink (you know that that is all that soda is right?).

I liked that it resolved a bit more than other 2008ish movies, but wasn’t a feel good 80’s flick (although I really like those and am pretty amazing at pointless 80’s trivia). I liked the characterization and movement – didn’t see Jason Bateman ending the way he ended in the movie. It made me like people more, believe in life and the movement within it, made me want to buy the soundtrack for my wife, made me want to watch more Arrested Development…

Other things I could write about… The friend who made a decision to not keep their baby – hard to think about without Juno. The pen I just successfully filled with ink that belonged to my great-grandfather. A listener of my podcast wants me to podcast about guilt. And I’m tired of Seminary, mainly because I still see drowning people everywhere as I drive to a place where my role (Calling???) is to sit and be trained (deal with my authority issues???) while many of the drowning ones ask me to speak – at events, into their lives, over coffee…

Discuss… (You may also discuss my daughter on her second birthday eating a cupcake out of a cone – GREAT IDEA, my wife is a genius)…

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