Letters and Dinosaurs

So, the latest game (for Caroline and I) is to play the “Wheels on the bus”. A slight bit like Calvin Ball, “Wheels on the bus” can exist outside where it involves running around the tree in our front yard singing various verses of the hit song. However, lately it is more interesting for Caroline to request that I make up new verses all the time. Current verses that may or may not be in the original (which we have copies of in at least two books) – The cars on the bus (“boom, boom, boom”), the penguins (“I can’t fly”), the spoons (“Scoop, scoop, scoop”), the dogs (“Woof, woof, woof”), the mommies (you think you’ve heard this one, but Caroline learned a different version from Mommy – must ask Mommy to hear that one), the cats, the sheep (“Don’t take my wool”), the cows (“moo, moo, moo”), the Carolines (“this is not a crisis…”), the Ronnies (our dog, “I Hate thunder”), the Batmans (he says “I am fat” because he is), Stegosaurus’, Bill the Dinosaurs (a T-Rex I think), Fred the Dinosaurs (like Bill, only yellow), Triceratops’ (“Get out of my way”), Racoons (“I can fight”, because I only know what I learned from Old Yeller), etc.

ANYWAY, tonight, while she was in the bathtub she asked for several new verses based upon letters she was picking up (she has these little letters that stick to the walls of the tub). Letters she knows: ‘t’, ‘g’, ‘q’, ‘x’, ‘m’, ‘w’… She mistook ‘o’ for ‘g’ and the number ‘1’ for the number ‘2’. It was amazing. Not because she is advanced (like every kid, I’m sure she is in some ways and not in others), but because she has learned so much! It is just fun to watch and participate alongside! Crazy crazy crazy…

Let me know if you have any fun verse ideas…

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