The 6th Sense

So, when I saw the Sixth Sense I was late. It made it a far more intriguing movie. I remember later seeing a shirt that said, “I see stupid people… they are everywhere… they always want to talk to me.” I thought that the shirt was funny.

Today I heard the 60th story of a stupid person, responding stupidly to a friend of mine who is in crisis. We talked it over for awhile – attempting to become sad, rather than angry and offended.

Reminds me of when people ask me if they can do anything when it is clear I am hurting. I know they mean well, and it is a hair better than “how are you doing”, but I would like to have each of them sit with me and we would talk about how it is harder… but better, to simply say “I’m sorry this is going on”, or “I don’t have the words… I’m sorry” (cheesy – sure).

I can’t get my head around my own desire to fix, much less anyone else’s. But, I am more and more aware of when we are left with margin – some answers, but not all. Some hope, but not so much that we aren’t consistently in pain. Some ability to see beauty, but some obscurity even in that.

Right this second what saves me (honestly it has been saving me for a few weeks now), is a robust definition of the Gospel of Jesus. My old pastor used to say, “You’re a mess and you’re loved”, and he would sometimes spend a few moments really stressing the second. I would add, “and you have a role to play in the great story… You’re a mess, you’re loved, and you have a role to play in the story.” It really helps, it really applies everywhere, I really preach it to myself on a regular basis, it really helps me not be intimidated by my worldview source – the Bible… it doesn’t make the pain go away, but it takes the pain seriously and seems to offer robust answers to really awful and difficult questions.



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