In Honor of Dr. Joel

Doc left me in for a few extra minutes in the second half. I was playing okay (Although I did airball a 3 pointer… because I started wondering if someone was gonna come block it). He mentioned that I would want to blog about a reverse layup I hit on a miss by a teammate…

I think it would be more fun to blog about my second technical foul ever (Doc has seen both). Third technically, but one was for attempting to enter a game when I had already fouled out (also only happened about once…). I was being fouled… THis is not unusual, but I thought it was getting bad… I would say he slapped my arms about four times… HE then had the ball. I yelled, “COME ON…” And the ref (Who has been refereeing games since I have been in STL) shook his head as in, “It wasn’t a foul…” I was thinking, damn straight it wasn’t… it was four. What I actually said was, “JUST SAY YOU DIDN’T SEE IT!!!” Not abusive words, but I was yelling very very loudly…

We were down ten at halftime. I told the ref what I did was childish and asked his forgiveness. He also called more fouls after that…

We won by 2.

It felt good…

I care about basketball a lot less than I used to, but I apparently still care enough to yell at a ref…

And now, I will make my blog private.

And post a picture of Tom Chambers… Can anyone else hear Dan Patrick saying, “Hurt the Rim Tommy…”

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