Blogging in 2009 (job too)

The blog was private because I was looking for a job, and one suggestion that I thought was a good one was to hide any random thought blogs. This blog is nothing if it is not a random thought blog!

So, if you attend Riverside Church (and were there on Sunday) you know that I have a job when I graduate (August unless I burn out in the Spring), at Riverside. Many of you have sent encouraging texts, facebooks, etc. Thank you! And, know that I have a finite number of text messages – therefore, am saying thanks this way.

So, I will be the pastor of arts and culture… I think. We have till September to figure it out it seems! And, more importantly :), my blog is now not-private.

I should write more about how glad I am 2008 is over (it was a long year in many ways). I should write more about how awesome my mom is – we just spent a week together in California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado. I should write more about my kids and how cool they are. I should devote at least one blog to my wife – after all – how else could my kids be so cool? I should write about the people we lost this year, but I think I already did that (and, thankfully… no one has died since then… I hope that doesn’t sound calloused or insensitive… some of my friends have lost since then. But, five seems like a lot).

Anyway, the purpose of this is to explain 1 – Why the Blog went private for two months. 2 – To explain the Job I got.

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