90 Blogs later

And I am still not positive what the purpose of a blog is.

I know this one is a random thought blog (because I twitched when the job ge by the guy at school said, “if you have a random thoughts blog…  shut it down while you’re looking for a job).
I know i like to put up pictures of my daughters.  
I know I sometimes like to try to be provocative, by saying things like “I voted for Obama” or “I think Abortion is a gigantic distraction to evangelicalism”.   Both of those things are true by the way.
I don’t label much.  (down at the bottom)  
Here is a question…  I get to preach in April.  I am thinking of a couple of possibilities and would love your thoughts.  1.  “Margin” – How do you feel knowing the Bible takes your questions and often answers other ones oftentimes?  This would be about the Bible and our questions essentially.  2.  “Why be good?”  My short answer would be mission.  In my 31 years of experience I don’t think many Christians get why to be good, and many who are watching churches (insert your word, “non-religious, religious, irreligious, atheist, seeker, agnostic, etc.) tend to perceive that Christianity is big on rules and be annoyed by it.  3.  What about giving people two Sundays where they could write their questions on index cards and then I could take like the top four (having no idea how I would determine that…  especially without being deterministic)?  
The great thing is that I stopped reading for school about 15 minutes ago because I was tired…  I was reading a 60 year old article about Natural Law by a professor who is trying REALLY hard to be relevant.  I couldn’t focus…  till i started blogging about…  NOTHING.  Hilarious.  I really would appreciate your thoughts though!

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