Almost every year I decide I should really use Lent to ponder…  or to become more spiritual or something.  Seriously, it seems like such a basically good idea.  And, every year I forget.  I’m in Seminary and we don’t seem to talk about it much.  I haven’t gotten over to Wikipedia yet to see if there is a cool story about giving stuff up.  I DO have some trout in my freezer that we could fry on Friday I guess…

This is a fun article if you want to start observing late: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7923701.stm
Thoughts on Lent?
Did you give up anything?  
Have you ever had a great experience with Lent?  
Anybody ever go through the book Mars Hill (Bell’s Mars Hill, don’t think Driscoll is going to support Lent too much) put out a few years ago?  I think I saved it, never printed it, and definitely don’t remember anything about it.  
I find it funny the amount of tests and papers and discussion forums I have to do for Seminary…  And, this might be my first conversation on Lent.  If there are a billion Roman Catholics then I am just out of touch right?  🙂

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