4:00 AM

So, this is actually Matt writing (don’t get too excited those fans-of-Rachel-writing).

I woke up at 3:00 because Adavan is a decent nausea drug, that has this perk of causing drowsiness.  However, when it is done you wake up (if you are me).
So, I’m going to blog quickly then go back to bed (where it is at least warm – ask our Mother’s in Law about how cold it is at our house). 
Everyone should be encouraged that I ate two real meals today.  One was somewhat ill-advised (Eggs Benedict at Firstwatch – trying to stick it to the man), but was okay.  The other was an easy-on-the-family night at Olive Garden.  I ate slowly, salad tasted like cardboard, but I found myself enjoying the spaghetti.  By the end of the meal I did not feel nauseous.  That is the first time in 7 days!  After we got home I even polished off the leftovers (even after Chemo I’m trying to abide by my new book).  
School Tomorrow.  Chemo-Lite on Tuesday.  Two more weeks before the LAST round of Sucky-Chemo.  
Rachel and I also decided my birthday was okay for Chemo, over and against say Christmas or Thanksgiving (Holidays I like more…  is my birthday a holiday???)
Anyway, I hope you’re encouraged, as we were.  

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