Why I love Office Space

I love it because Mondays are hard.

I want to get up and be spiritual, but I am thinking about my week. So, i pray some, then organize some, then start thinking through the week… And i have only just begun to drink coffee.

I got to hang out with Julia for about an hour in between Caroline getting dropped off for school and my attempts to begin my work week (I should probably focus on the fact that Sunday is supposed to be the first day…). Hanging out with Julia made it even harder because she is just easy and fun. And, when Caroline is not around she has the funniest sneaky smile on her face all the time. “I can play on Caroline’s bed” (Is what I think it means), “I can play with Caroline’s fairies”, “I can get out as many of Caroline’s stuffed animals as I want… And I don’t even want more than four, but that is more than I usually get.”

Anyway, it isn’t the easiest of days to get my head or heart around. I couldn’t even finish buying plane tickets because the swing in the prices between Monday and Wed. of Thanksgiving threw me off too much… Hilarious.

Anyway, while we all meditate on the annoying-ness of Mondays: here are some pictures of Caroline that I took while she was “flying”. And, the explanation of why my basketball didn’t make it to my basketball game on Sunday Afternoon.

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