"Let’s Kill Batman and have him for dinner"

This is what Caroline said today as we returned from picking up Ron (our dog) at the groomer. It has been since the mid-Spring since he has been groomed. (the picture is the sunset on Friday Afternoon, the second one is the sunset on Saturday afternoon)

Batman is our cat.

I was unable to determine where she developed/heard the idea that we could 1. Kill things. 2. Kill our household pets. 3. Then eat them for dinner.

The point of this story: I like hanging out with my girls, they are fun and funny. The can also scream piercingly.

I promised my old friend Shelley that I would update my blog. That was yesterday. Tomorrow I have a CT Scan early in the morning, and then I will meet with Dr. Ridiculous next week. For those of you that don’t know a CT Scan involves me drinking radioactive fluid, then being shot with radiation (not like the kind that reduces tumors in size). This is to determine whether or not I am sick. You’re picking up the irony right?

I just looked up CT Scans on Wikipedia. It says that scans are going up in two demographics: adults and children. Who is left out exactly? Don’t answer that.

In honor of my scan and the fact that I cannot eat/drink tomorrow morning (except for my iodine shake) I overate tonight. It was a lot less fun than I thought it would be. But, it was Spaghetti with grass-fed beef.

I have a beer stein that reads, “I kicked Cancer’s butt”. I like drinking from it because I appreciate the sentiment and I really appreciate the friend who gave it. I don’t feel like I kicked cancer’s butt.

When I drive back from the hospital tomorrow I will pass a billboard for another hospital that says, “Patients love us, cancer fears us.” I do not like the billboard. I don’t think it is true, I think it is kind of arrogant, but mostly I just don’t like it. Unfortunately it is pretty bright.

I am working full time now and enjoying it. Parts of my job are still vague. My hair is strangely interested in laying down for the first time in my life, and it is a bit darker. Who knows if it will stay this way, but I don’t ever spend time messing with it.

What did I learn from cancer? I don’t know. I still don’t know. I still don’t like thinking about it. I still wonder how much Caroline remembers; she has a pretty good memory. What I tell people is, “What I thought about sickness and suffering before getting sick served me very well…” I still believe that. It has not really been added to. It doesn’t seem like the Bible is interested in distinguishing between sickness/suffering; they aren’t interchangeable but that just aren’t talked about the way we talk about them today. Generally, they are assumed.

That’s all I’ve got for the personal blog… Go read Rachel’s, she is a better writer, quite profound, and puts up the greatest pictures of our kids ever…

Thanks for your friendships, thoughts, prayers, etc.

One response to “"Let’s Kill Batman and have him for dinner"

  1. I hate that stupid, moronic billboard. The marketing geniuses that came up with it should be fired, among other things. Hospitals have no right to be boastful in the face of illness. All of their patients will die eventually.

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