Band of Brothers

I have not yet seen Band of Brothers – as I write this episode 3 is ending. It didn’t grab me like I thought it would, but is certainly growing on me.

This past weekend I had the privilege (?) of standing in front of Presbytery to finish the testing part of ordination. I won’t bore you with the details – suffice to say it was semi-grueling, and my first question from the floor was about snake handlers at the end of Mark.

The beginning of the exam (the 5th of 5) asks you to share some of your story. Afterward a friend mentioned that there have been a lot of men in my life. So, I will (again) attempt to revive my blog in an attempt to think – and therefore appreciate – what these people (mainly men, but not exclusively) have meant to me as I look to turn 33 in a few weeks.

Any thoughts on categories?

Peers that I clearly learned from




Specific Mentors

Teachers who took some extra time

Sports Mentors?

Academic Mentors?

Pastor Mentors?

Men who probably wanted to beat me senseless but didn’t (this list could overlap with others)?

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