Mentor Profile #8: James Norwood Blazer Junior

The recent idea was to write about all 3 of my grandfathers.  However, I had a surprisingly difficult day and I feel like writing a coinciding blog entry.

JNB Jr. is my dad.  Today I toyed with the idea of calling him Maui Jim in honor of my new sunglasses.  This is filler…  totally irrelevant, but gives me a minute 🙂

My dad is imperfect.  I could call him at any hour of the day though, and he would easily tell me he loved me and drive straight through to St. Louis if we needed him to.

As I said, today was difficult.  Tomorrow I need to pursue a friend.  I think I learned the instinct to pursue from my dad.  This has its downsides; pursuit is not a basically good thing (many single men will vouch for this).  But, this season of blogging is not about downsides.

I think I learned to instinctively pursue conversation, apologizing, and more conversation from my dad.  I am thankful for this. 

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