I am becoming a regular blogger again.  Mentoring Series is over…

Sometimes I go see a movie on my day off.  Maybe once/month.  On Friday I saw Tron Legacy because I thought it looked amazing – old story, Father/Son Dynamics, amazing alternate world, Ducati motorcycles.  It was not a good movie.  I appreciated the fighting.  But, there wasn’t enough if the story and characterization are going to be that poor.

This past month one of our Sunday School classes was on Media, and while I would not attend I thought about how I was have worked through it.  Story, morals, and characterization are the things I would highlight.  They overlap, and including morals would have been humoring “Sunday School” expectations.  Said differently: is it a good story (good conflict, good redemption – or lack thereof), and how does the media deal with the question of people changing.  I would have liked more from Tron in those departments.  There is a lot of dialogue explaining things, but I didn’t get the sense that I understood what had happened in the past 28 years.  Oh well.

In the Spirit of the discussion I believe I will no longer see (in the theaters) a movie that Rotten Tomatoes scores less than 60-65.  Thoughts?  Discuss…

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