Mentoring Series #21: 4th grade basketball coach

That title Helps me to think that I blog often.

In the 4th grade i decided, about a week too late, that I wanted to play basketball. My dad, in typical Jom Blazer style somehow got me onto a team at a different public school than the one I attended. His Alma mater, Lee. We practiced in the local Synagogue, with carpeted floors and I did not score that entire year. Even though that is the only year I played basketball with both pf my thumbs đŸ™‚

The night after the first game the coach called me and said i had led the team in rebounds. To this day i take a lot of pride in my rebounds. A friend and I played together after a long time of not seeing one another and I told him, Nathan, its good to see that your 15 foot baseline jumper is as reliable as always. “Blazer, its nice to know you still get rebounds you have no business getting”. In 2001 I was called Ben Wllace in a pick up game. Granted, it must have been a low level of jumping ability-pick up game. Point: i am a pretty good rebounder.

A bunch of men, mostly from our church, are studying the book Fathered by God together and that is when this story came back to me. I think i am a pretty good rebounder because a long time ago an older man took the time to call me (probably on a rotary phone) and tell me that I led the team that night.

As i look back on my story I am thankful to the Lord for fathering me. Many of the men I have written about hurt me or were poor mentors in some way. But, they were also good and they were used to shape who I am. My language sounds cheesy to me, but isn’t this owning the theological term of God’s Sovereignty? That is another post. I am thankful to the Lord and to these men.

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