Rabbit Hole

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 86 (I would go 91).

I like movies less than I used to, but I still enjoy one on my day off around once/month.  Curiously, this corresponds well to our budget 🙂 Rabbit Hole is incredibly tense, well-acted, well-written, and just hopeful enough to not annoy.  A good friend’s son played the role of the teenage boy in a local theater adaptation, but it had a racial element.  Leave it to the local theater to ramp up the intensity of a screen-play!

I like Aaron Eckhart.   Nicole Kidman was amazing.  Sandra Oh I have trouble with because she is either all-Grey’s Anatomy or hitting that dude with her motorcycle helmet in “Sideways”.

Rabbi Hole is about parents who have lost their 4 year old boy (why do I do this to myself?).  It takes place 8 months after his death.  Nicole Kidman responds religiously – with a tight grip on emotions, her understanding of the story, what she does and does not need to do with family in light of the tragedy, and so forth.  The unraveling of her character is amazing.  Eckhart responds irreligiously – acting out on purpose, owning his pain very directly, only to find that he knows it will not help him.

I could write more about the movie, but I doubt you read my blog for movie reviews.  I found myself comfortable with the high-emotion, the relational tension of the family, laughing very hard at the poor realtor Eckhart drags through his house, and somewhat happy in my edgey state as I left the theater.

Conclusion about Self: I am more used to crisis than non-crisis.  I need a crisis every six months to feel normal.  I should nuance that last sentence, but I don’t want to because it reflects my feelings and sense of myself.  I think I impose this on my wife to a large degree – creating drama, searching for joy when it is actually in front of me masquerading as mere pleasure and peace.  I am okay wanting more joy, but I do not like the part of me that is more comfortable with pain, tragedy and general disorientation.

What about you?  What movies do you like?  Would you like them if you had a different story?  I think I would still like High Fidelity a lot.  Office Space.  But, I don’t know if Patch Adams and Life as a House would be cornerstones.

Thoughts?  Discuss…

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