Beauty and Affliction

Grandpa died almost 3 years ago.  At his funeral my generous grandmother was giving stuff away, and I somehow left with an enormous and beautiful hardback copy of Don Quixote.  I also saw, I think for the first time, a photo album from his time serving as a photographer in WW2.

My computer cycles through all of my pictures for backgrounds and this is the image that just came up.

He was at Nuremberg.  He traveled to Dachau.  The most graphic images (for me at least) are of the gas station where Mussolini was hanged (literally hanged – after he was killed).  I just googled that, and you can find more graphic images of it online than from my photo album.

Anyway, I scanned all of the pics (247) and put them into Mac-Made-Books for myself and many of my cousins, siblings, aunts, and my grandma.  It took me a lot longer than it should have.  I learned a lot about doing a project like this well.  And as my computer continues to remind me of my Grandpa’s trips around Europe, I am just as moved (in a different part of me) by the beauty he found as I am by the affliction. Hence – this picture.  If I can find some real motivation I will write an entry about the process.

Cool Side Note: Many of his aesthetic and country-side pictures were taken by his darkroom assistant.  His darkroom assistant was formerly General Rommel’s Personal Photographer.

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