Admiral Adama and Boasting

I posted a few days ago and left something out of the blog that was very much in my sermon.

You have skills, gifts, intelligence, and stories that will bless, love, and benefit the world. Growing up I heard this kind of sermon in a weak way – “Don’t Brag…  dummy…  let us pray.”  The solid implication from Paul is: LOVE, and boasting has no part on that love.  But, strength, your gifts, etc.  They need to be expressed, given to your neighbors, offered.

My favorite illustration was the Admiral Adama one from Battlestar Galactica.  He does not brag or boast – if he tells a story or explains himself (which he does not always do when giving orders) it is out of love.  Sometimes that love is tough, sometimes misguided, but it is not boastful.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t strong.  He is a strong man, a strong leader – flawed, with limits and blind spots – but strong.  And the way he loves, and tells stories, and expresses his gifts on behalf of the fleet – it not boastful.  It is a stronger love for that reason.

So say we all?  So say we all.


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