Why you shouldn’t blog at 3:43 PM

Because I don’t yet know what I think or feel.  I should blog next week, or maybe next year about this Sunday’s Service.

Today Riverside Church celebrated it 10th Anniversary.  Technically that anniversary is in the middle of this week; Nov. 11th, 2001.

We were planted by Greentree Community Church in Kirkwood, both part of the EPC denomination.

Larry Barker played music back then, and he was back today.  Caroline clapped – which almost undid me.  She didn’t even exist back then.

Phil led worship – he was Phil, funny, self-deprecating, me-deprecating (he jokingly described me as the “longest tenured, least respected” pastor of Riverside), gracious, and AWESOME.

Larry played the keys.  My dad plays piano.  I have a lot of friends who play.  I only know one Larry Barker – thanks for making the trip Larry, I just wish I could’ve hugged more of your family.

John and Julie Casper shared their story, and especially what Riverside has meant to them.  Beautiful and strong as always.  Church Planters indeed!

Zack preached on the Church at Philippi (Acts 16).  I will be honest, I didn’t delegate the food pick up, so I am listening to the sermon tomorrow 🙂  I got this from my wife: that church didn’t always look the coolest, and it might not have been the easiest to begin – but it was a church loved by Paul and they did the work of the Gospel of Jesus.

Here is what I know: I was on the verge of tears the whole beginning of the service simply because I love Riverside.  Maybe I will tell the story of my family and Riverside tomorrow.  Today I simply know I love it – full of strength, wisdom, grace, and men and women who exhibit those things well.  I love it.  I should have just posted a status update to FB or something.

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