Do you wish you could write your own story?

You can!

But, then you cannot.  I would script a terrible one I think – I would succeed more, but probably not be more patient.

I got a call today.  From a good friend.  He needs some help.  I almost forgot to help him because of all of the information I had to give him.  My story dictates that he call me, it gives me remarkable ground to stand on, he trusts me.  I don’t trust me.  I don’t resent him.  I loved talking, and think I was able to encourage him.  But, I resent this part of my story that means I will get a call like this every year of my life.  I don’t want to resent it.

I’m glad I am not the author.  But, I am not always glad for the chapters.  Why can’t I just learn (and then help/teach) from books?

Tell me kid: did you ever dance with the devil by the pale moon light?  I always ask that of all my prey…

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