Why the Jeremy Lin story is NOT shocking

I never weigh in on sports with my blog, but I love this story.

I just heard Mike and Mike discussing him, the school he took Kobe to on Friday Night, the fact that the Knicks are winning with him (Carmelo and Amare out of the lineup), and that he has been sleeping on his brother’s couch (his brother is in dental school).

The thing I have yet to hear anyone talk about it is why his story is not shocking.  It is because the NBA is different.  The court is spaced out more than college, the season is 3-4 times longer, the players actually vary more athletically, the games are longer.

Jeremy Lin’s highlights are mostly good plays, not him dunking through people or over people.  His shot looks high to me (like Gallinari and some other shooters).  He turns the ball over a decent amount.

I’m not knocking him, I’m pointing out that he is a really good basketball player who did not fit the college system as well as he fits the NBA system.  Look at Steve Nash’s college stats.  They are great right?  But, in the NBA he is an MVP caliber player.  At 38 too.  Wow.  He was a very good player at a small college; like Lin.

Jeremy Lin, as far as I can tell early on, is a good man and a good basketball player.  The story is amazing.  But, the fact that his basketball skills translate well to the NBA is not.

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