Old Sermons #1: Boxes and Arrows

In 2005 I preached a sermon about what John Eldredge would call “The Religious Fog”, and what Tim Keller (via Dick Lucas I think) calls the default of the human heart: religion.  Now, by that they both mean ‘religion gone bad’.

At the time I was unfamiliar with Keller.  In fact, part of this blog came from Rob Bell.  I went to a seminar he gave on preaching in 2004, and thought he had some good encouragement.

So, in 2005 I preached a sermon called “Boxes and Arrows”.

I am going to listen to all of my old sermons and then blog about them – hoping to grow.  If you heard them, or remember them and want to offer any encouragements I would love it (Famous last words right?)

What I did well: it was clear that I was passionate about the Gospel of Jesus, where we can miss it, and the people in front of me.

What I did poorly: I actually snapped my fingers when I wanted the power point operator to move slides.  I was relieved that it was an old friend (thanks Ritchey, for putting up with me), and I cringed.  Mannerisms are like clothes – they are fine as long as they don’t distract.

What made me truly cringe: I said things like “The Bible doesn’t mean just one thing in any verse”.  Now, my point was that after having a son our eyes might be more open to John 3:16 (allowing for seasons of life, allowing for growth, alluding to the grand drama of the Gospel of God…).  But, I still said it.  🙂

What was hard to hear: I referenced a lot of friends who have now left the church.  It reminded me of who I was then, who we were then.  I’m glad for growth, but still sad.

What is really fun: I wasn’t terrible.  And, I remember some other friends sitting in the front row taking furious notes (Halley Watson Kim and Patty Hake Deising).  I felt like I cared.  And, since I work for the same church, in the same wonderf

ul municipality in Saint Louis, I agree.

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