Don’t pray empty phrases

Jesus said not to heap up empty phrases.  At first I thought (because of my own mentoring and how I am wired) that this means don’t repeat yourself to God.  But, that isn’t what Jesus said.  He said don’t heap up empty phrases.  So, we can repeat words and use words given to us…  if we mean them.

If we remember that the Lord is gracious and generous then it is easy to remember that this means the Lord’s prayer is a template.  But, we can use it word for word; either way the key is that the words matter as we pray them.  They make sense to out hearts, even as we do not know their full power in light of God and His Mission.

Use the Lord’s Prayer as a template, be freed in it.  Use it word for word and remember that Jesus is generous and gracious that way.  Either way.

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