Do you pray for protection?

This Sunday we will explore Jesus’ command to pray against temptation and evil – for help with both.

There is a lot to say about every phrase in the “Lord’s Prayer”.  I am confident that that is why Jesus gave it, repeated it, and prayed this way Himself.  It is rich and full of the Heart of a Relentlessly pursuing God.

On a basic level temptation is what we do not see coming and evil is what we see.  We need help with both.

Tim Keller makes an interesting point that sin hurts us more than suffering does.  I simply can’t use a lot of Tim’s stuff because I’m not him, and just learn from his own style and reasoning.  But, on this one he is making a solid point.  Sin is worse than sickness (as an example of his point) in truth.  This is why, when we suffer, we often ask God to help us stay faithful.

Jesus rebuked both when he saw them – he rebuked sinful behavior, sickness, he prayed against temptation for his friends.

Thoughts?  Discuss…

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