Reposted for your encouragement

My beautiful, futuristically sexy wife (in the future we realize hair is not sexy) is asleep.  Grace amidst pain.  She walked – brave.  She eats and I am grateful.

This is our view.

I was sick a few years ago, and she wrote a few words on my blog.  They apply again, she encourages us again.

“I think we come up with new questions all the time. And there is still fear of the disease as well as the treatment. And there are lots of questions about the future- the impact the surgery & chemo will have on matt’s last semester of seminary, how this will affect his long term health, how this could impact the number of children in our family… and we are still processing how we communicate with each other and how we bring this before the Lord. I think we are much better than we were last week at this time- more answers, less shock, more reassurance, less paralyzing fear. We really feel surrounded by our family, friends & community. And we have the cutest, most amazing children ever, which doesn’t hurt. And we celebrated the living Christ on Sunday- a deep & powerful Love for us that is over every dark & nasty thing we are dealing with. Christ isn’t changing the facts of the cancer in matt’s body- Christ is changing our hearts to hope & trust in His Good-ness through all of this. It doesn’t hurt less, but we know God is acting behind & in & through everything. (Please remind me that i said this- i am sure to forget on a regular basis).

Thank you for all your calls, notes, e-mails, flowers & cookies. Thank you most of all for your prayers- it is really amazing to be on the receiving end of such incredible care. i hope that we love all of you as well as you have loved us.


One response to “Reposted for your encouragement

  1. Hello, Matt. Praying for you. Don’t believe in coincidences (except Divine ones) Ran across your blog – here is a poem I wrote MANY years ago – just thought to share it with you: Blessings to you and to yours,


    Which of you by worrying
    Can cause the sun to rise?
    Or count the hairs upon your head,
    Or add an inch more to your size?

    Which of you by worrying,
    Could cause the winds to blow?
    Could call upon the rains to come
    Or make the flowers grow?

    Why do we live so foolishly,
    Inventing troubles everywhere;
    Worrying about such senseless things
    Instead of trusting God in prayer?

    Perhaps that’s just our problem
    We worry but don’t pray;
    And we pray to God not to worry
    When He’s promised Peace in all our way.

    Why do we live so prayerlessly,
    When He’s promised all His love?
    He longs to bless us ten times more
    Than all the stars above!

    Oh, listen, children, pray to God;
    Cast on Him your every care.
    Stop your foolish worrying
    And come to Him in prayer.

    He alone controls the stars above,
    The winter spring and fall;
    Bring your worries to the living God
    And He’ll give you Peace through all. Morris

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