Bruce Daube loves this pen. It is classic, reliable, enjoyable to write with, and to click. Bryan Fitagerald said, “It’s hard to beat the action of a Parker Jotter.” I agree. Many doctors and dentists go with a Zebra F301. Makes sense. Similar reasoning; looks more durable; but the jotter is without peer.

It appears in many movies. I’m not sure the first one I noticed, but it may have been “7”. in the first 30 minutes you see Morgan Freeman’s jotter 10 times – his gun once, his badge once, his switchblade once… but the iconic black and silver pen? Ten times.

Hollywood utilizes it to help us see a noble character. We might miss them. The jotter is a small clue. “They are more noble than you may think…” “Keep an eye on them.” “You can trust them more than you might think you can.”

Current list of films with a jotter, employed to help us note the virtue or dignity of a character: 7, two popes, enemy of the state (an anti-reference), the firm, the rainmaker, karate kid, zodiac, heat, the irishman, the longest yard (latest), shawshank.

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