I voted

For Obama.

I thought about my vote a lot. I asked my brother – he teaches at a school in Chicago and was very kind of tolerate my conservative question. He gave me two options for thinking about it correctly: computational and ontological. If you know what that means please let me know… in the end Donald Miller expresses why I voted for Obama well. I have a lot of hopes on top iof this, but here is what he has said…

By the way, right after this picture was taken, Caroline fell over her pumpkin… But, going to the patch (albeit expensive) was really fun… And, we have the pumpkin (a green one) on our porch. Thanks Ross Chaffin for copying this post so I could then steal it (also).

“Burnside: Can you lay out your biggest reasons for supporting Barack Obama?

Donald Miller: First off, I know this is an odd thing for somebody in my position to do, to support a candidate for President. But I do feel this candidate is unique. Barack is the only candidate willing to talk about his faith in Jesus. Other candidates are reluctant, but Obama is not. He is the only one who has consistently talked about the cross, about redemption, and about repentance. Many white evangelicals have a misconception about Barack…they believe that because he is a Democrat, he cannot be a Christian. But times have changed, culture has changed, and political parties change. So one of the reasons I support Barack is because he is my Christian brother, and other Christians are rejecting him.

But that has little to do with his candidacy. In short, there are a few issues I agree with Barack on.

Senator Obama is going to move us past the impasse in our cultural war, something I think of as a cultural Vietnam. On the issue of abortion, he is the only candidate who has a plan to reduce the number of abortions. John McCain’s only plan is the same old trick: say that you are pro life and offer no plan at all other than to criminalize abortion. I simply think that plan hasn’t worked, and we have to face that fact and look for other ways to make progress.

I realize this is controversial, that there are many who would rather vote for a pro-life candidate and keep the abortion rate the same, on principle. And like them I believe in the sanctity of life, I simply think we need to begin making progress, and Barack is offering progress. He is also standing up to his own party on the issue and moving the party forward to elevate the issue of the sanctity of life within the Democratic Party. I also see this as progress. I do wish we could end abortion completely, but the Republicans have not spelled out a realistic plan to do so, and until they do, I won’t vote for a candidate who simply throws us a pro-life line and no plan. It seems insincere.

But let me add this: I do wish Obama were pro-life. His plan to reduce the rate of abortion is a great step for the party, but I also wish he would defend the unborn to a greater degree.

However, at this point, in this election, with these two candidates, I think progress will be made with Barack. Not enough progress, but some progress, especially within the Democratic party, who may soften their stand on the sanctity of life.

A personal connection with me regarding Obama involves the initiative he is taking with responsible fatherhood. He has already drawn up legislation to change the welfare state to stop rewarding families whose fathers leave, and is working to change the economic structure so fathers who stay with their families are given tax relief. This has been an age-old problem that was written about in George Gilder’s book Sexual Suicide. (Gilder’s) book is a Conservative’s economic manifesto, but Barack sees a lot of value in Gilder’s ideas. But because Barack is a Democrat, Conservatives are unable to even consider his ideas.”

Isaiah 9

So, I just finished writing a translation/exegetical paper on Isaiah 9. I have no diea how good or not good it is. Papers like this one help me realize why I will probably never pursue a PHD.

Today I did okay at remembering how amazing my daughter is. I was laying on the couch watching her run around and she came over with this little blue book (keep in mind that she is not yet two years old) and said, “Want to lay on the couch with Daddy and read “prayer””. The book is called “Prayers for little girls” or something like that… And she knows at least half the words in every prayer…

Needless to say, we read the book (and some other books too).

I want to write on my trip to the Farmer’s Market (I am reading “The Omnivore’s dilemma”), I wanted to write a week ago on masculine initiation and my high school coach’s story of the time his coach gave him the green light, and I suppose I could think of something remotely theological or interesting… such as who has to work harder to make their points about Scripture: the liberal or the conservative theologian. I really cannot tell, but it seems like a lot of work…

Two Requests to tell what I said to the student who asked me (this has happened a lot, I only knew the answer once…) if GOd could make a rock too heavy for him to pick up. I said, “Andrew (for that is his name), your question is based upon the laws of Physics and thermodynamics – my God not only invented those laws but He is not constrained by the time, space, philosophy, and language you are using. My God is too big for your question. Kalie was elated with my answer…