i spoke with dr. figenshau (surgeon) a bit ago… matt is out of surgery & his vitals are all good.  but the surgery did not give us great news.  the lymph nodes that were enlarged have increased in size somewhat significantly.  the biopsy showed active germ cells, which is the same type of cancer found in his testicle.  so all the lymph tissue in that section was removed, but he did not want to risk damage to nerves & blood vessels by moving further.  there is still a chance they removed the majority of the cancerous cells, but matt will have to have some chemo to eliminate it completely.  while we kind of expected this, we were really hoping that it wouldn’t be necessary.  how much chemo, when, etc will be determined later.

i’ll be going up to see him in recovery soon- and if we get more info we’ll let you know.  i’m pretty sad about the outcome, but i’m really relieved that the surgery is over.  i’m sure chemo will suck big time, but my biggest fears were for the surgery.  
thanks for your prayers- please continue.