Pulling Weeds

While trying to determine all of ins and outs, pros and cons of buying (or not buying) a motorcycle I came to the same conclusion that Pascal came to, Edwards expressed theologically, Lewis developed practically, and John Piper explained to me. It only took four genius’ to get me understanding that we dothings to make us happy. Piper says we should seek to Glorify God by enjoying Him forever… that that is the lense we should use to view the Bible, and in doing so will see that God has our great pleasure in mind when he tells us what to do. John Eldredge (using Chesterton, Watchman Nee, and Dallas Willard types) says we should follow our hearts. The Presbyterian Church in America does not like aspects of Eldredge’s writings; I think they wish he made it more clear that the he is talking about a ‘regenerated heart’ when he says, “Your heart is not wicked”… Hopefully my old buddy Kirk Adkisson will not read this particular blog and quote the Westminster Confession to me…
So, what am I writing about and why did I entitle this blog, “Pulling Weeds”? Because I was mowing a few weeks ago and I stopped to pull some weeds. I am not a gardener; it is only in the last few years that I have become excited to make these goofy lines in my yard rather than just making smaller and smaller circles with the mower. So, there I am pulling weeds – because I want to. I want the yard to look good, so I pulled some weeds. A motorcycle is not going to save me any money. It is very difficult to save money by spending money. I think I figured that I would have to drive about 40,000 miles on the motorcycle for it to pay for itself through the gas money… But, I want one. Should this desire go un-tempered by my Christianity, my worldivew, the reality that I have a wife who is not expecially keen on the idea; certainly not. But, I do not think it is irresponsible financially (Christian), my wife added one detail to the Missouri law for a motorcycle permit holder (no highways to go along with no passengers and no riding at night); so I am now the owner of a 97′ Suzuki Marauder. It is your basic motorcycle; it could go fast if I were to ride it that way (top speed to date: 44 MPH), but it is not dying to go fast like the Sport Bike I laid down about three weeks before getting married.
We will see how long I keep it. It is like anything else: IPOD, a dog, a TV: having one requires time and a certain amount of energy to enjoy it. But, I actually believe I operated under the auspices of good theology with this purchase. And, on that note, I’m hoping to eventually (I have been foiled twice so far) to attach a picture that my friends Po-Shiggity sent me for the same reason I pulled weeds and bought a motorcycle: it makes me happy. I can’t get it… You will have to write him and ask to see the picture of Jim Edmonds from last night…

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