I’m pretty sure when Copernicus did all of the work that he did; he did not figure out that the world revolves around Matt Blazer. I’m pretty sure the church was aghast at his findings-that the Earth was not the center of the Solar System. And, I’m pretty sure they were mean to him about it.

Why do I have so much trouble taking everything personally? In my work, in my friendships, in conversations, interacting with my wife? Why is my picture of God so small that it has to be mapped out, explained, and then dealt with accordingly. I am a little tired of the hypocrisy of the church. And I am a lot tired of my own hypocrisy. I heard someone say a couple of weeks ago, that the point is to know the extent your own hypocrisy… or some such wise thing. The point is not to not be one: we all are, will be, have been, and might get worse before we are better. The point is to be honest about it.

I’m amazed how much the book, “Blue Like Jazz” has effected me. (What is the difference between effect and affect, I never can remember despite the piece of paper saying I have a degree in English). Donald Miller says we have to sit one out (we being the Christian Community). What a profound and simple quote. We have always thought our voice was so impotant that we needed to be broadcast, and whenthe world decided it wasn’t we just bought some radio stations. Maybe sitting one out means offering that, “They shall know we are Christians by our love…” or some such thing. Why am I so concerned about good theology? (I, of course want to write, “why are ‘we’ so concerned…). I think there is a 0% chance that ANYONE has it down.

I didn’t read Rick Warren’s book, but I know that the first line is, “It’s not about you.” Reminds me of Fabbio the Bear; he says things like that to me. And he can, because I feel totally loved by him and never question his motives in telling me something like that. I know I’m partially writing because of something that upset me last night. I think I’m also writing because I want a biger picture of God, and I’m trying to flush that out a bit. I want to embrace the mystery also; I know the LORD and am thankful for that. I want that to help me to love people; I want my picture of the sovereignty of God to help me see his plan. In the abscence of that I want it to give me peace. I want to take things less personally. In short: I want to be changed.

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