Are you guys afraid of Solitude? Why or why not? Is it the world? Or is it Evangelicalism? The world convinces us that busy is good, our mantra even, “I’m so busy.” Meaning: look how productive and hard-working and meaningful I am to the world. Evangelicalism, as far as I can tell and have experienced, says, “Spiritual Disiciplines are all well and good as long as they don’t get in the way of real spiritual matters (i.e. getting other people into Heaven).” If you like em, take em; if not, make sure you’re still preaching the gospel to people (and not like Francis likes it – Lindsey). What do you think? I don’t have as much of a sermon/philosophy as usual I’m just curious. Would love to hear what the Bear has to say on this matter; and the Inquisitor, and quills, and Shiggity, and the Veatch… And Lindsey, and Deana… Seriously, I know why it is hard for me: I condemn myself for not being busy, I have largely bought into Evangelicalism – and the scandal therein, I see myself as Jesus often rather than one of his kids, etc. but what about you guys? Are you content in the loneliness of solitude? Does loneliness remind you of your need for the Lord? Can you be in the car without the radio? Do you seek out time to just be quiet (and not asleep)?

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