So, my car was broken into… No more laptop and no more U2 IPOD. Honestly, I am more annoyed with how sympathetic people have been than I am about the stuff missing… Okay, not more annoyed, but I am pleasantly surprised that my heart was not torn out to have lost the entire Digital U2 Catalog (Catalogue?).

I did go out and buy an IBook G4 (The cheap, small one). “Welcome to the Kingdom” was what one of the Interns at church said when he saw it.

So, I kind of felt like I really am a Christian with this whole, ‘my stuff was stolen and it sucks, but it didn’t end my life/week, etc.’… Where does the rubber meet the road in your life? (This probably isn’t where it meets in my life seeing as how I will have a baby daughter in a few days!!!!!!!) So, where does the rubber meet the road in the everyday ‘stuff’ of life. Do you love your stuff? Do you not? Personally, I probably am more anti-money than anti-idolatry lest you think I don’t love my stuff because of my Holiness! But, where does it feel real to you? Where does it make cognitive sense? Where has the Lord chosen to encourage you that he IS changing you/your heart?

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