Car- (*care)

Some Numbers for you who like them:

4:00 AM Water Broke

5:00 AM In L&D Room breathing and contracting

9:15ish (Epidural… whew)

Concern: Caroline does not like contractions and her heart rate goes down with each one. An -in-utero Baby’s heart rate is supposed to eb between 110-150. Caroline’s dropped to 70 towards to the end…

10:00: Dr. Mary Grimm shows up (Our OBGYN)

10:30: After two shots of Tergi-something or other that were supposed to slow contractions (they were coming wuickly and on top of each other, Epidural was very nice) Dr. Grimm decides we are willing to mess with the idea of Caroline not being veyr healthy…

11:15 C-Section is finished, picture is taken, feet stamped, etc.

7 Lbs, 4 Ounces… 20 and 1/2 ” long… 3-18-06 (although someone wrote on her chart 03′, so she was actually gestating for 3 years and nine months according to Saint Johns!)

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