Line – (*line*)

That is my favorite Picture. There is no flash, but I like it because she is already showing her passive aggressive (like har parents) tendencies… Her arms are always in the way and we have yet to keep them swaddled.

Some random facts from the hospital:

The songs that went through my head the most:

“Brilliant Disguise”: Springsteen
“Long December”: Counting Crows

Nurses that we liked:
Lori (had 3 X)
Andrea (had 2X)

People we are not sure really exist:
Dot: Dot is in her 60’s (supposedly), and has been a Lactation Consultant for St. John’s for a long time. We saw her once and she accomplished more than all other nurses and consultants in the four days we were in the hospital. We never saw or heard from her again… Something about entertaining angels…


Rob and Shirley Westmoreland (Rachel’s folks)
Karen Smith (Who appeared within 20 minutes of my phone call to her)

Rob and Shirley Westmoreland
Anne Simon (Youth Staff Intern)
Jennifer Patneau (Friend/Youth Volunteer)
Hannah Smith (8th grade girl)
Emily Wood (8th Grade Girl)
Sydney McClain (8th Grade Girl)
Robbie, Jane-Ellis, Charlie, and Peter Griggs (Peter is negative two weeks) (Friends)

Brian Janous (7:50 AM with Kaldi’s Mocha in tow… amazing… totally got me jump-started)
A Random couple that Rachel knew from her old job at Saint John’s
Shirley Westmoreland (Rob went home, Shirley is stil here – Thank God)
Scott Sauls (Pastor, commented that Caroline will look like Joan Jett)
Phat Phil Woods (Also a Pastor of Greentree Community Church in Webster Groves)
(PHAT stands for Praise Him All the Time, Phil is just his name)
Mike Higgins (Youth Director at Greentree Kirkwood)
Jeff and Katie Fabbiano (Friends)
Brian, Kim, and Tyler Janous (Tyler and I ate Teddy Grahams)
Mary Mercer (Rachel’s Old Boss from Saint John’s – yes, the same Saint Johns)
Robin Something-or-other from Saint Johns
Megan Sweeney (Friend)
Mike, Tammy, Molly, and Lucas Higgins (oh, yes, Mike came Twice)

We were pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed visitors. But, Monday Night and Tuesday were hard. Proof of the sovereignty of God for my small brain: No Visitors on Tuesday.

I’m just enjoying writing… Hope you guys like the pics of my daughter!!!

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