We watched a video in our Lamaze/Infant Care Class where a baby slowly made his way up his mom’s tummy to feed over the course of an hour or so… (without any help, right after being born).

The first thing our instructor said was, “Isn’t that amazing… nature…” The first response, from stupid engineer man, was, “It isn’t amazing, it’s just biology…” My wife theorizes that he had a baby girl (like mine, pictured left), and is now a big pile of mushy noises and tears.

I find my baby amazing. She is starting to smile and make faces. She is 6.5 weeks old. Today she and I got to hang out for a few hours while mom ran some errands and was intentionally by herself. It was amazing how much more Caroline would rather lay on me (listening to my heart like when she lived in Mom) than lay in her expensive crib, bassinet (borrowed), or her ‘bouncy seat’ which will vibrate and play songs.

What was amazing to you this week? That word has been a great cliche in my life for awhile… even this past weekend it became a buzz word at a camp for 4-6th graders… But, seriously, what has been amazing to you? Even if it is something that victimized you, or somethign wonderful, or some person? What seems/is/appears amazing to you?

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