Steve McQueen

So, I’ve received some complaints about not updating my blog enough. I apologize. I think that my impression of blogging was that it was about dialogue, about important ideas, etc. But, I now know that it is more about sharing yourself on the internet. Sounds Creepy, but I enjoy reading other people’s, so I should probably have the courtesy to update my own: that is the best I can do right Cary?
I doubt many of the kids I am hanging out with this week even know who Steve McQueen is, but they are on a trip that might have a different name without his silver screen heroism: the Great Escape. It is a strange trip. I could write for hours about what we are doing, what is working, etc. They would generally be theologically erroneous statements though…

And, that doesn’t seem to be the point of a blog.

Instead, I think I will list in small detail some of the things our group has been caught doing/accused of/labeled as. Keep in mind that many of these poor volunteers (from other churches) are simply here because no one else would go. Many others are dumb!!!

Throwing Water Balloons out of a 4th story window (true – unsupervised)
Cheating During recreation (true – supervised by Blazer, although there were no scores kept and no winners or losers determined, one day I went over the edge…)
Stealing the skit prop ‘The Holy Grail’ (true – unsupervised, although encouraged by Mike Higgins and then the rest of the leaders)
Swimming in the fountain, which apparently has many chemicals in it (true – multiple times, unsupervised)
Firing Water Balloons at the Work Crew tent instead of into the field (true, Blazer)
Saving too many seats at the front of the auditorium (we had trouble not laughing at the inanity of this particular accusation, as did the leadership)
Breaking a windshield of a car with a football (true – Higgins punting)
Firing off fireworks affter curfew in a state that it is illegal (NC), (True, Blazer, although the director of the camp, a 20 year YM guy, took us to a better spot when he caught us)

There are more… We labeled one leader ‘Hilary Faye’ (SAVED) because she enjoys worship VERY VERY MUCH, and told on us more than once. We enjoyed being ‘those leaders’ and ‘that church’ because our kids had more fun that way.

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