I just received an e-mail from someone (I do not know who because they did not leave a name) who was listening to my podcast for some time apparently… They will no longer be listening after a comment I made where I said, “Jesus screwed all this up…”

I honestly don’t remember exactly what I was talking about and am forced to assume this was in response to my last podcast about sub-cultures and counter-cultures and my own interpretation of which one Jesus was promoting through his Gospel.

The writer also was astute in pointing out that I am too-often abstract. I mean it that she/he was astute, I am abstract – I think that way, write that way (much to the chagrin of professors), and have always been led to teach that way (much to the chagrin of the students I get to teach).

I have two purposes in writing this blog: one to explain to the writer how their e-mail made me feel, and two: to fight e-mail as an actual mode of communication.

It sent a chill through my body, especially through my neck, and made my heart beat faster. Because I do not know exactly how the writer felt, I am again forced to assume that she/he was left upset by the comment I made. There was no dialogue. For all I know the listener has more knowledge and education about everything I talk about than I do. So, I am left with my heart beating quickly and no resolution whatsoever. I would be interested to know how I was wrong, i would be excited to ask forgiveness if i had offended, and I would be more than willing to talk if there was a misunderstanding. Instead I am left to write this blog…

A pastor in Michigan calls gossip verbal pornography because we want the rush of being in someone else’s life without taking the time and energy to be in their life. It might be an imperfect analogy, but hey, it isn’t mine! The point with e-mail is similar. If you have something to communicate that is more than just news/weather/sports – please communicate it in a two-sided way. I would like to write adjectives about my opinions about these e-mails. I won’t. I just wish we might all learn a little something about people, and how to love them well this side of the New Heavens and the New Earth – we could start by communicating…

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