I’m pretty sure this blog is supposed to be about going to game five of the series… I did stand on 7th street for an hour high fiving people after the game…

But, I want to know (and my e-friends, with the one noteable exception, are not responding super-well to these questions) how much we should give to one another. One of the counselors I used to see used to draw a circle and then a line in the middle of it. He would then talk (briefly because he is a very good counselor) about when one person gives 50%, the other only 25, how there is then a void… (and what should we do with that void???)

I think everyone responds to the void differently, give more, give the same (His solution) amount you were before, give less (kind of a negative reaction I would think, but one could argue for it), or chuck the relationship entirely.

Lately, I have become really aware of how much and how many relationships I desire, but I realize also I don’t know how to love many of my friends well. Some live in town and I don’t do well, some live in South Carolina and I don’t do well. Some live in New Jersey and I think we do a fine job… (Those are all people, I’m not good at ‘examples’ who are truly anonymous… )

How do you give? When do you feel like you could give more? Are your friendships improving at this point in your life? I didn’t even get into family… So much harder, yet with so much more natural love there…

I put in a picture of my wonderful daughter because 1. She is the main attraction to my blog. 2. This is HER FRIEND, Princess Poodelina Rose, and 3. She is currently asking me very sternly if I could (perchance?) leave the keyboard and fix her some applesauce and barley.

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