My Trespassing Two Year Old

So, we have tried to make this a fun summer for Caroline what with the new baby and all. So, today we went to Grant’s Farm. I checked the website, set up the bike (because then it is free), and off we went.

As we roll in there are no cars. I recall that they don’t open until mid-morning so I have a fleeting Clark Griswald, “We’re the first ones here…” But, then I realize that the man I am looking at driving a golf cart was not John Candy and my heart sank. I asked if they were closed and he explained that I had mis-read the website twice – no Mondays and they are now on fall Schedule…

But, through conversation it was made clear that I could kind of go about the Clydesdales. It wasn’t exactly open, but it wasn’t exactly closed and we saw no people after the John Candy-character. It was wonderful, Caroline enjoyed being with the Clydesdales, and afterwards we went to the park. Perhaps just her and I and the Clydesdales were better than her and I and a thousand people with the other animals, the train, and the two free beers.

I could go on – I am amazed that she will sit in a swing for 40 minutes (and I have the sore forearms to prove it…). I love when she closes her eyes for five minutes at a time on the swing. I don’t love the whining that accompanies her being two… but, maybe that makes the 40 minutes of silence on the swing magical.

It has been a hard week. All of my girls have been amazing. I should take her to the zoo or something tomorrow…

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