Thoughts on Death and 3 Pointers

Blogs are funny so I will give medium depth to this one.

I have buried 3 men in the past year who I respect as much as any men I know. Two grandfathers and my mother’s husband. My paternal Grandfather was last december, and the other two were in the last three weeks.

Geeps/Jim Blazer Sr. was a good man. He was married over 60 years, his funeral was huge, and I loved him. He loved well – his wife, his four children, his many many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I could go on and sound like an obituary, btu I know that he loved well. I know that when my parents were together he called my mom, “Pretty lady”. I know that he didn’t see her for almost 20 years, and when he saw her at my graduation he said, “Hey there pretty lady.”

Richard Jorgensen loved my mother well. He was the most “man’s man” I ever knew. He was drafted to play minor league ball, he had a hit record in the 50’s, he was the president of a bank, and he married up to marry my mom. I performed the funeral, and it was easily the hardest thing I have ever done or participated in.

Donald Francis Toomey was a true Renaissance man. He was a successful professional photographer (took photos at the Nuremberg trials among other things), he was working on his second book about sacraments and missions in New Mexico (first book was on California missions and Father Junipero Serra), he made many local artists famous by writing about them in local magazines, he sold his collection of DH Lawrence books to the University of New Mexico for 25K (it was a big collection), he is the inspiration to many in our family for higher education, he stepped into a lot of gaps left by men in this family, and I didn’t even mention his PHd in Geology…

It has been a rough few weeks.

Tonight I hit a 3 pointer to put us up one 49-48 against a good team (semi-finals of our league). About two minutes later I hit another to tie it at 52… I almost cried running back down the court, I really did… It was just such a simple gift, but it felt so basically good to my heart. We lost, but I was 2-2… I would rather we had won, but I appreciated the gift. My mom (who is having a much worse week than me… and yet, people keep asking how she is doing) says to not feel guilty when little things feel good. So, I’m admitting it felt good. It has been a long hard couple of weeks. My three girls have been rocks of joy and fun. My mom is going to be okay, because she is awesome. And… they weren’t just gifts, I have shot several thousand 3 pointers… and Jody threw me two good passes.

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