So, yesterday evening I watched a 10 minute video of Jazz Pianist Eric Lewis performing for this year’s TED. Smarter people than me can tell you about TED, but if you don’t know about it it is a good time to Google it so when people talk about it you don’t think they’re kidding about the title of the conference.

The interesting thing is that listening to Eric Lewis is compelling, and I sound refined or at least I am interested in being refined or something.

But, the video I watched last before Eric (maybe 5 days ago… I don’t watch videos as much as _______ ) who always sends me links, was Achmed the Dead Terrorist. My wife thinks Achmed is hilarious and lately she has been calling my doctor Achmed because she is annoyed with him.

The point is, or the question is. What does it say about me that those are the last two things I watched? What does it say about the culture? It just seems amazing, and slightly intriguing that I can watch those to videos as easily as I did and they are the only ones I watched. I almost watched a sermon… Then I didn’t.

And, in between paragraph one and three of this blog post Rachel and I SKYPED our great friends the Sweeneys in Singapore. The world is a funny, inter-connected place and while some days I use that to learn about dissonant, cutting edge-jazz piano… others I just watch Achmed.

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