A New Sort of Blog for awhile

So, for awhile I am going to use my blog to update people on my sickness. If you didn’t know I was sick I am sorry you’re finding out this way. On March 27th I had surgery for testicular cancer, and on Tuesday we found out it spread to two lymph nodes. So, we are seeing a surgeon on Monday and an oncologist on Tuesday – second opinions forthcoming. If you want to read I found a good article by the FDA, and Lance Armstrong’s site is pretty helpful.

Some of you have asked how Rachel and I are processing this. Thank you for asking, I think that is a good question. I don’t know. I spent a lot of time in prayer today, asking the LORD a similar question. The answer I received is that I already know how to be faithful as a husband, father, son, friend (obviously not always and with varying degrees of “success”). Tomorrow I may hate that I wrote that, today the LORD told me that I know how to be a husband and be sick, that I know how to be a father, that I know how to be a friend.
Caroline knows when I go to the doctor and that I had an “ouchy” (I say past tense because I swing her around again). We aren’t really scared of death because the survival rate is so unbelievably high in these cases (Lance Armstrong’s site is pretty helpful if you want to learn more than I am telling you). Also, Rachel and I made a deal that neither of us is ever allowed to die đŸ™‚
Many of you want to help. I promise we will let you know when we need help (and we probably will). Many of you don’t know what to say, and I want you to know that we appreciate it when you say just that. It conveys the emotion. Many of you want to talk. If we do not answer the phone or call you back, please forgive us and assume that we are receiving many more calls/texts/visits/facebook messages than we are used to.
Rachel and I are thankful for many things. For Jesus and the accompanying world-view that gives us a context for life and for suffering (or sickness). We are thankful for a large and loving family. We are thankful for a very understanding and loving House Group that has already been through a lot this year. And, we are thankful to our church and other friends who love us so well.

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